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laptop bag cement


laptop bag cement

laptop bag cement

A cool and ultra solid bag with a great story: that’s what this laptop or shoulder bag is about! The South-African bags are made of cement packaging rejects. The PPC cement packaging, with elephant, is a famous icon in South-Africa. These bags, as material, have the potential to continue on and on. Almost all the main materials have natural beginnings and where possible organic and/or natural fabrics are used to compliment them. The end results are hip-chic and super practical bags.

From cement bag to laptop bag
The body of the bag has been made of cement packaging with original cement mixing instructions. For the strap organic hennep has been used. To make the paper strong and untearable, all the layers have been fused with callico. Furthermore the bag has been treated to make it water & dirt resistant: very handy if you want to take your laptop outdoors. This all weather laptop bag has been tested in pretty extreme weather conditions. Conclusion: the bag appears unbeatable and is a great alternative for the dull black laptop bag.

designs: blue (botchem)

                red (surebuild)

                black (OPC)

                orange (sureroad)

material: paper, cotton & hennep


dimensions: 17 inch (42,5 x 6 x 9 cm)


laptop bag cement laptop bag cement laptop bag cement
laptop bag cement laptop bag cement laptop bag cement
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