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pebble carpet small


pebble carpet small

pebble carpet small


Don’t be fooled! These aren’t real, hard & cold pebbles but a soft & warm felt wool carpet.  Blur boundaries between outside & inside, urban & wilderness, natural & man-made. The textile hues and embellishments cleverly mimic the natural colour and marbling pattern often seen on real stones and pebbles. Gorgeous as a bathroom carpet  or  as an accent to the rock cushions. The handmade, seamless pebbles are felted from 100% merino wool. The process of felting takes an enormous amount of time and the pebble carpet is actually a piece of art.


South African designer Ronel Jordaan is inspired by nature and gives free reign to her imagination using felt as a preferred medium. Using only South African raw material she has trained a group of women in the fine art of felting, and works on product development with a variety of weaving groups, transferring skills and creating new pieces that are eco friendly and responsibly produced. The creative, sophisticated designs of Ronel have won several awards.  


NB: The Merino wool is hand dyed and hand felted (no sewing). Colours and shapes as indicated may slightly vary. 


colour: mixed greys & creams


material: felt of 100% Merino wool


dimensions: ± 65 cm x 60 cm  x 6 cm


pebble carpet small pebble carpet small

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