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bowl Lion matches


bowl Lion matches

bowl Lion matches print


Not your simple arts and crafts project. These papier mâché bowls are works of art, handcrafted by artisans using off cuts of popular South African product labels as lucky star sardines and lion matches. Bowls available in different models and sizes with the name of the artist written on the bottom. Finished off with a varnish. Fun, eye-catching and responsible, these bowls are perfect for holding jewellery, bread, candy, organizing desk accessories or just looking pretty.


Profits benefit child healthcare, day-care, and home-based care for people living with HIV in South Africa.

material: papier m


model: round or square


dimensions: XS Ø 14 x 6 cm H

         S  Ø 17,5 x 7 cm H (incl. plastic inner)

                     M Ø 23,5 x 8 cm H

         L  Ø 25,5 x 13 cm H


bowl Lion matches bowl Lion matches bowl Lion matches
available options:

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