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wish list f.a.q.
What is my wish list?
"my wish list" is a possibility to store desired products for a long time.

How do I add products to my wish list?
To add a product to your wish list, just click the button "add to wish list" at every product you wish to store. You'll find the button "add to wish list" under the button "add to cart" on the product information page.

Can I add sold out or temporarily sold out products?
Unfortunately you can only add products which are in stock.

How can I check my wish list?
"my wish list" can always be checked by clicking the link "my wish list".

How do I move my products from my wish list to my cart?
Move your products to your cart, by clicking the button "add to cart" in "my wish list".

How do I remove products from my wish list?
To remove products from your wish list, select the product and click the button "remove" in "my wish list".

Can I make my wish list accessible to others?
Sorry. Unfortunately your wish list is at the moment only available to your account. Therefore only you can view your wish list. You can simply send your wish list through email though.

How can it be that previously added products are no longer in my wish list?
Possibly your favorites have been bought by someone else or all the products from the wish list have been deleted.
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