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zulu mama chair


zulu mama chair

Zulu Mama Chair


Inspired by a mother’s protective embrace of her child. The innovative eco-chic Zulu Mama Chair is truly one of the most conscious chairs on the market. It is a take on the traditional Zulu basket crafts but using industrial materials instead. The seats, constructed of UV-resistant extruded plastic made from recycled milk bottles, are hand-woven by women in South Africa, where jobs are scarce. The stainless-steel frame is also fully recyclable. A unique blend of modern design and old world charm. The Zulu Mama Chair and Haldane himself won several (green) design awards such as the Elle Decoration International Design Award – designer of the year.


Industrial designer Haldane Martin strives to offer a sense of ‘belonging to our world, and the times we live in’, by creating contemporary pieces of furniture that strongly express the emerging South African identity and human centred values. With great technical skill and precision engineering, his designs are manufactured with a level of quality that juxtaposes their often soulful inspiration. The materials used, skills employed and community projects commissioned in several of his ranges, show Haldane’s commitment to upliftment and his interest in traditional production methods. With a view to sustainability, quality and the end users needs, his ranges have proven extremely desirable both in private homes and the hospitality market worldwide.


colours:  natural & black. Custom colours available like red, gunmetal grey, chocolate, white & pink. 


material: recycled plastic & rvs

zulu mama chair zulu mama chair
zulu mama chair zulu mama chair zulu mama chair
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